Volunteer FAQ

Not Sure about Volunteering for a Fly-Off? Read our Volunteer FAQ.

How do I volunteer?

It's easy! Just visit our Volunteer Sign-Up page and complete our Google form. We will contact you prior to the Fly-Off with details of the event. Please note:

  • no STEM background or experience is necessary

  • any adults with no affiliation to a competing team are appreciated

  • you must attend a 60 minute Webinar (held a few days prior to the Fly-Off) and show up to the event 90 minutes early on Fly-Off day.

If you're having difficulty signing up through our Google form, please contact us and we'll get you signed up!

What experience do I need?

No experience (STEM or otherwise) is necessary. We will get you up to speed when you attend our Training Webinar (60 minutes, held a few days prior to the Fly-Off). You just need to be an adult, age 21 or older, who does not have an affiliation with any of our competing teams.

When do I show up?

We ask our volunteers to arrive 90 minutes early on Fly-Off day so that you can learn about the game, help with some set-up and show you where you'll be stationed.

What will I be doing?

We have lots of different jobs that help make the fly-off successful! If you have a preference, please let us know on the volunteer sign-up form and we will do our best to accommodate your request. We will assign the remaining jobs at the Training Webinar (60 minutes, held a few days prior to the Fly-Off) so that everyone will be comfortable with that they will do on Fly-Off day.

What kinds of jobs do volunteers do?

Our needs change a bit depending on the game we're playing, but in general, these are the jobs that we need help with:

  • Team Check-In- Helps students and teams check in and runs the prize wheel

  • Swag Station- Redeems tickets for this year's swag and snacks

  • Display Board Judge- Assesses team posters using our judging sheet

  • Airplane Inspection- Assesses that airplanes meet this year's design requirements

  • Flight Circle- Organizes and runs the flight circle

  • Scorekeeper- Enters and tracks team scores

  • Level-Up Verification- Verifies team packets to help teams earn game advantages

  • Photo Booth- Helps our students shine by running our photo booth

Remember, you don't need any prior experience to volunteer! We'll train you when you attend our Training Webinar (60 minutes, held a few days prior to the Fly-Off).

Can't choose? Select "Assign Me as Needed" and we will place you in the area of greatest need.