About the EPIC STEM Challenge

The Electric Propulsion Innovation Challenge (EPIC) encourages students to design, build and fly an aircraft that will carry out a specific game task. 

Each year, the game changes but the excitement doesn’t!

The Electric Propulsion Innovation Challenge (EPIC) provides an authentic, hands-on aerospace design challenge for students in middle school and high school.

The framework of each game is always the same- to design, build and fly a small electric airplane.

With the introduction of each new game, the design goal changes, allowing students to participate in EPIC for all 7 years that they are eligible (grades 6-12).

The fun begins each March when we announce the new game.  Read this year’s rules and sign up to stay in touch to stay informed on game rules, funding opportunities, upcoming events and more.

Teachers and coaches are invited to attend our one-day workshops to learn how to teach EPIC, meet their support network and build an airplane of their own.  Plus, be the first to play the year’s game.  

Whether you work with kids formally or informally, the Coaches Workshop will teach you everything you need to know to successfully teach EPIC to your youth.

Once back with their students, coaches and teams use our resources and their creativity to design, build & fly their best airplane and document their work. Our game changes each year, so be sure to read this year's game rules.

To help kids show what they've learned, our sponsors and partners host regional fly-offs for students to interact with other teams and compete with their airplanes. Plan to bring your student teams to one of our exciting Fly-Off events!

Want to bring EPIC to your area? Contact Us!