Become/ Request an EPIC Mentor

Mentors Help our Teams Achieve More!

For Mentors

Are you an adult in the aerospace/aviation industry who wants to help our student teams be successful?

Become an EPIC mentor!

Our mentors:

  • are actively working in or retired from the aerospace or aviation industry

  • have a STEM background in an aerospace, aviation or engineering discipline

  • are interested in interacting with teams via email, video or in person to answer technical questions and provide support as students design and build their airplanes.

  • are available to share their work experiences to help students explore a potential career in aerospace or aviation.

The commitment level is determined by the needs of each individual team, but should not exceed 10 hours per month and is limited to assisting (not leading) student teams.

For questions about mentoring please contact us.

Please be aware that the team/organization you are matched with may require you to complete a background check.

For Teams

Do you need access to another adult who has technical expertise to help your team be successful?

Mentors are available to interact with your team via email, video or in person to answer technical questions and help your team make design decisions.

Your assigned mentor can:

  • interact with your team from time to time to answer technical questions or clarify understanding of a technical concept.

  • answer questions about their work experience to help you consider a potential career in the aerospace industry.

  • provide general advice on your airplane's design

Keep in mind, a mentor does NOT:

  • run, manage or lead your team

  • meet with your team on a daily basis

  • design or build any part of the project for your team