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EPIC Documents to help you get funding:

EPIC Overview.pdf

Overview (PDF)


Standards (PDF)

EPIC Budget Suggestions_Grant.pdf

Suggested Grant Purchases (PDF)

Grants we know of that might help:

Don't forget to read the eligibility requirements and grant windows for each grant before applying!

Air Force Jr ROTC Grant

Amount: $250

Fine Print: Only offered every other year

Air Force Association

Amount: $500

Fine Print: Only 40 awarded

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Amount: $500

Fine Print: Must be an AIAA member; K-12 formal/informal educators are free. Join here.

Bonus: If you live in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon or Washington (USA) or British Columbia or Yukon (Canada) the local PNW AIAA will match up to another $250. Details are here.

Association of American Educators Foundation

Amount: $500

Fine Print: Only available in AR, CO, ID, KS, OR, WA

ASM Materials Science Foundation

Amount: $500

Fine Print: Only 20 are awarded; Must have a materials science focus

Captain Planet ecoTech Grants

Amount: $500- $2,500

Fine Print: Must focus on environmental challenges, i.e. development of electric flight to reduce pollution, etc.

Donors Choose

Amount: Varies

Fine Print: If you use this affiliate link (above), at no cost to you, we receive a small financial pat on the back

Harbor Freight- Tools for Schools

Amount: Tool Donation

Fine Print: Must be used for K-12 public education, veteran or fire/police department

Mikkelson Foundation

Amount: Varies

Fine Print: No form to fill out; Must submit proposal

National Girls Collaborative Project

Amount: up to $1000

Fine Print: Two programs from two different organizations must collaborate

Ray Foundation

Amount: Varies

Fine Print: Must submit proposal; Must submit proof of your organization's 501(c)3 designation and your organization's 990 form.